Integrity Matters to Your Legal Career

As I watch the U.S. Attorney scandal unfold, I can’t help but feel a certain amount of schadenfreude. IMHO, this Attorney General seems to have little regard for the separation of powers. He has equal contempt for civil liberties that have been enshrined in our Constitution for over 200 years. But his demise will not come from his role in getting eight U.S. Attorneys fired. Rather, it is his lack of honesty that will send him packing.

Alberto Gonzales’ former Chief of Staff has now essentially testified under oath that Alberto Gonzales lied when he claimed he had no role in the dismissals. I give it a week before Gonzales announces that for the good of the country, he will resign. What Gonzales actually did may not have been enough to get him fired; but lying about what he did is unbecoming of the Attorney General of the United States. Integrity matters. Lawyers, in particular, should never forget this.

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