Are You Arrogant?

Doug Richardson, a consultant with Altman Weil has a great piece on why many lawyers are perceived to be arrogant. He describes typical lawyers as:

• rational, logical and dispassionate in their basic cognitive style
• confident that their opinions are correct
• intuitive thinkers who tend to make quick assumptions and judgments
• more oriented toward completing tasks than building relationships
• define their personal credibility and authority in terms of subject-matter expertise (meaning they tend to be specialists, not generalists)
• often competitive and protective of their ideas, tasks, authority, prerogatives (and, later in practice, their clients)

He notes that in today’s work environment, collaboration is more important than ever. Therefore, lawyers need to put more emphasis on developing better relationship skills.

What is most interesting about this piece is that he suggests that many lawyers are unaware that they come across this way. The solution? Ask for feedback more often and consider hiring a coach.

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