Read This Post–If You Can Find the Time

David Maister has done it again! He has a terrific podcast on procrastination (free for downloading through i-tunes.) This time I was sure he would leave something out; in particular, I did not think he would focus so much on addressing the underlying psychological causes of procrastination (and even more importantly, some highly effective behavioral responses to procrastination.) But he absolutely did.

On the subject of procrastination, I would like to suggest a great book which focuses heavily on behavioral approaches to thoughts which sabotage our success. It is called “Awaken Your Stongest Self” and is written by Neil Fiore, a Ph.D. psychologist. A couple of months ago, I hired Neil for some coaching and procrastination is one of the issues we have been working on. Neil’s approach is very behavioral (i.e. he isn’t trying to help me figure out the root causes of my own professional insecurities; rather, we are working on how to deal with the numerous “distractions” that take away my focus from doing what I love to do which is helping lawyers with their careers.)

While it is admittedly too soon to evaluate his program, I can say with certainty that after a few months, I’m doing a lot less procrastinating. I know I have a lot more work to do (it’s hard to break old habits and thought patterns.) But I’m well on my way and Neil has been a tremendous help.

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