Talk to the Press

I have long believed that almost any publicity is good publicity. It is hard to get noticed in the crowded marketplace as a professional. Having others mention your name is therefore generally beneficial (unless it is in connection with a scandal or a criminal act.) Obviously, you want to be extra careful to “get it right” if you are speaking on behalf of a client; but short of that, even a mangled quote is helpful in building your visibility. Most people will only remember that they saw your name somewhere, not that you said something which was patently stupid.

This is hard for most lawyers to grasp. We are wordsmiths and take pride in sounding articulate in print. But let go of it! The name of the game is visibility!

Similarly, do not take for granted that the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times are the only publications that matter. I spoke to a reporter a few months ago who was doing a story for Amtrak’s magazine, Arrive. I didn’t think the publication had much readership; but I’m always happy to try and be helpful to reporters. The article, which appears in the March/April issue, is on the subject of law firm partnership. As it turns out, the publication has almost 2 million readers (who would have known?)

So the moral of the story is try and be helpful to the press; don’t get overly concerned that you are being quoted properly (although in this case, I thought the author made me sound better than I ordinarily would); and speak to everyone. You never know where it might lead.

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