The Challenge of Making Change

Just before the New Year, Ellen Ostrow had a great piece on change. She discusses some of the barriers we all have to making change and talks about the importance of confronting our resistance to change.

When you choose to “not rock the boat” you stop growing personally. Inaction leads to stagnation. Your internal voice tells you that something needs to change but the risks of doing so loom too largely to allow you to see what you risk by staying tied to your established patterns.

(I delayed linking to it because until recently, it was not on her website.) Several years ago, I also wrote a piece about change and discussed the role that ambivalence plays in helping us to avoid change. While the New Year is already a month old, many of us are already working on the changes we pledged to ourselves; but it’s not too late to may your Groundhog Day resolutions. There are still 2 more days to go!

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