Leading a Sustainable Life

Julie Fleming Brown has a nice post on sustainability. How do we lead lives that are “sustainable”? Julie discusses the problem of “burning on both ends of the candle” and suggests a number of practical steps to reduce stress and decrease the chances of burnout (“focus your attention and practice on what is meaningful to you,” “delegate those tasks which negatively impact your energy level”, “connect with other people,” etc.)

Although I am in the search business and only earn fees when lawyers decide that it is time for a change, I think it is important to first apply some of Julie’s suggestions before throwing in the towel. Maybe you can get more of the technology work you like and spend less time working with the banking clients who are less interesting to you. Maybe you can delegate some of the drafting you don’t like to a skilled paralegal. Perhaps you can make more effort to leave work early on Fridays.

If you find ways to make your work more “sustainable”, you may just find that it is not necessary to change firms in order to increase your career satisfaction.

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