When the Relationship is Based on E-mail Alone

E-mail has been a fabulous addition to the communication tool box that we use in the work place. It’s efficient, it creates a simultaneous record of our communications and it is easy to forward. But many associates I speak with are missing out on important nuances by overly relying on e-mail.

Many partners now enjoy communicating with associates by e-mail precisely because it is so efficient. But as an associate, you need to look out for your own career and try to encourage some of the face to face communication that will help you build your internal relationships.

E-mail is a good way to exchange objective information. But how likely are you to get mentoring through e-mail?

CareerJournal suggests some ways to get a boss to communicate more directly (which is what put me onto this topic today.)

If a partner always communicates with you by e-mail, you still have the option of stopping by the partner’s office to get clarification on an assignment. By doing this periodically, I believe that you can foster much stronger bonds with partners; and in turn, you will increase the chances that a partner will help you avoid career pitfalls and guide you in what you need to do to increase your prospects of getting the brass ring.

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