It’s Never too Early to Start Marketing

David Maister continues to amaze me with the quality of materials he puts out for free. If I were running a large law firm and had a budget to hire a management consultant, he would be first on my list. He is prolific, generous and right on point.

His latest podcast is a good starting point for any associate who wonders how to get started with marketing. If you work in a large law firm, and you are a junior associate, you are probably getting the message that you should focus on delivering high quality legal services. That is what the firm expects from you and that is how you will advance your career.

The problem with this message is that it is only partly true. As you get more senior, the firm will begin to look at your future potential for generating work.

David eloquently (and succinctly) makes the point that if you focus now on relationship building (he calls it friendship skills in his podcast), you job of generating work for your firm will be much easier down the road. It’s a good overview for any associate who is concerned about his or her long term security in the practice of law.

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