Frequent Change Ignites Passion–But What About the Practice of Law?

Blogger and Boston Globe columnist, Penelope Trunk, writes about the importance of making periodic job changes. She cites a statistic that 75% of all workers are job hunting at any given time.

I posted a comment on her blog suggesting that the analysis might be different for professionals. Certainly, there can be good reasons for lawyers to make a lateral move, particularly early in their careers (to get better work, to get better mentoring, to be closer to family, to become a bigger fish in a smaller pond, etc.) But I’m not sure the conclusions are the same for professionals.

Maybe the meta message is that it is important to keep growing in your career. For a professional like a lawyer, that might mean expanding into another practice area, working harder to market one’s services, learning some new computer skills to work more efficiently, getting more active in a law firm or bar association committee, etc. Moving every two years to a new law firm is not something that most of us in the search business would recommend unless there were very good reasons for each move. Any comments or thoughts out there?

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