E-mail Etiquette: Ignore at Your Peril

Career Journal recommends a degree of formality when communicating with recruiters (it’s kind of like dressing up for an interview at a firm that dresses in business casual.) Last week, my colleague in New York, Carey Bertolet, spoke more generally on the subject of electronic communication and in her words, “brilliance is fleeting; stupidity lasts forever!”

In other words it is a big mistake to treat e-mail as an informal mode of communication. Doing so means that you risk putting in writing something you will later regret (either because it is misinterpreted or because your opinion on a subject later changed–litigators are increasingly mining e-mail messages to find inconsistencies and impeach credibility.)

Here is a link to an article I wrote on career opportunities and pitfalls associated with the use of e-mail.

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