More on “Doing What You Love”

RainToday.Com has an article today on how in a service business, passion boost profits. In a nutshell, the author asserts that having employees who are passionate about their work is critical for a service business. Without it, customers are not going to get good service and they will choose another provider.

I read this as further evidence of the importance of “doing what you love”. In a prior post, I recommended David Maister’s podcast on career planning. In this podcast, Maister talks eloquently about why doing what you love is critical to your career success (personally, I believe that it is sufficient to “enjoy” what you do–i.e. you can build a very successful career without being passionate.)

Simply put, if you enjoy providing great legal services to your clients, your enthusiasm will translate into great client service. This in turn will have a direct impact on your future business generation success.

If you do not enjoy what you are doing (either because you are in the “wrong” work environment or because you are in the wrong profession,) client service will suffer and ultimately, you will be less successful in generating business. Ultimately, you will have less career success.

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