Five Keys to a Successful Career

I’m in California this week attending BCG’s annual BCG College. We are hearing some great presentations on how we can all become better recruiters. I am really enjoying spending time with my colleagues from around the country who I only get to see a few times a year.

Our CEO, Harrison Barnes, kicked off the three day event with remarks on a variety of topics. He spoke about what we need to do as a company to ensure that we continue to do an outstanding job in achieving one of our core values, “Finding Jobs for Attorneys”. He also shared an interesting model for career satisfaction.

According to the model, there are five things we all need to have career satisfaction. Here is the reader’s digest version of this model:

1. Certainty–we need to have some degree of certainty that our jobs are secure
2. Uncertainty–we need to be challenged with new problems rather than simply repeating the same work that we have mastered
3. Significance–we need to feel that there is importance to the work we do
4. Connection–we need to feel connected to the people we work with or clients we work for
5. Growth–we need to be learning all the time

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