The Allure of In-house

If you regularly speak to lawyers at large firms, you know that many plan to go in-house and become general counsel some day. The general perception is that going in-house offers better hours, more job security, a chance to earn a big pay out, an escape from time keeping and an opportunity to become part of “the team”. It is doubtful that this perception will change any time soon.

But increasingly, we are seeing articles in the legal press that are debunking some of these myths. Today in Law.Com, for example, there a piece which highlights the growing risks associated with becoming general counsel. In a post Sarbanes-Oxley world, GC’s are increasingly finding themselves targets of investigations.

Recently, I also published a two part article highlighting some of the pluses and minuses of going in-house.

I don’t expect to see a fundamental shift in associate attitudes. It takes a long time to change perceptions. In a few years, however, I predict that fewer lawyers will be chasing in-house careers with the same zeal.

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