Making Change in 2007?

For those who are gainfully employed, December is a good time to take stock. How well are things working at your current firm? I created a Career Audit for Associates last year to help in making this assessment. I also created a similar tool for partners which I can e-mail to anyone who is interested.

If your are pondering more fundamental questions like “To Be or Not to Be a Lawyer“, there continue to be some great resources free for the taking on various websites. JD Bliss continues to offer some great content. I also recently discovered “The Complete Lawyer” which has devoted its most recent issue to the subject of change (I learned about this publication from blogger .) Also, BCG’s CEO, Harrison Barnes, raises some interesting thoughts for lawyers who wonder whether they might be happier in a business setting.

Even if you conclude that you should continue doing what you are doing, going through a process like this can inspire you to fine tune what you’ve got so it can work even better.

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