Use of Temps on the Rise

Large law firms continue to increase their use of temp attorneys on large, document intensive cases. An article in the National Law Journal shows that the numbers at some firms are growing signifcantly. I clearly see the benefit to firms. Temp staffing allows for much more flexible hiring and eliminates the problem of having to carry extra staff when there is nothing for them to do.

But temp assignments may not offer much of a career opportunity for the lawyers doing the work. Certainly, I would never fault anyone for taking on a temp assignment in order to generate some needed income. On the other hand, I think it more the exception than the rule that doing this kind of temp work (i.e. large document review in litigation or corporate transactions) will lead to something bigger.

Anyone looking for a stepping stone to a better legal job would do better to identify temp opportunities through networking. There is more leg work involved, but the opportunities are likely to be higher quality.

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