Marketing Myths Debunked?

Rain Today has a free newsletter which offers some good marketing tips. But don’t believe everything you read. For example, I’m not sure if I agree with myth number four in an article I read today. Finding out what is “keeping a client up at night” is certainly not a fool proof strategy for identifying selling opportunities (and probably not a good way to start up a conversation with someone you have just met.) But it should certainly be one of the tools in your marketing tool box.

Five Myths of Professional Services Marketing
By Michael W. McLaughlin

For decades, professional service providers, including consultants, accountants, lawyers, and others, rarely marketed their services. Instead, they thrived in a cozy world where personal relationships and word-of-mouth generated enough new clients to grow a profitable business. Those days are long gone.

With so many business advisors to choose from, clients can quickly tap the minds of an army of experts for help. To compete in this market, professional service providers must challenge the conventional wisdom on marketing and selling professional services.

A good place to start is to dispel the following five myths.

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