Am Law Survey of Mid-level Associates

Midlevel Associates Survey: Communication Breakdown?
The American Lawyer

Nearly 6,000 associates took part in The American Lawyer magazine’s 2005 Midlevel Associates Survey, offering, among other things, a glimpse of what upper management and youngish associates think of each other. Sometimes it’s not pretty. Are midlevels a bunch of “slackers,” or is slavish devotion to a firm simply no longer worth it? Is anyone even listening? Plus: See midlevels’ attitudes by locale as well as the best places to work.

For several years now, the American Lawyer has been surveying mid-level associates about their experiences in the largest law firms in the United States. But the AmLaw survey is just one of many information sources to consider when evaluating a law firm. For starters, if you look at the sample size from some of these firm, the number of respondants can be quite low. If you are going to look at these surveys, you should probably look back over a few years to see if there are trends. If a firm is consistently ranking high year after year, then that probably means something. But a survey is only one of many ways to evaluate what it might be like to work at a firm.

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