Coaching Details

Why Should I Hire a Coach or Join a Coaching Group?

Attorneys are good subjects for coaching because they are results-oriented. At the same time, because lawyers tend to be very focused on delivering high quality legal work, it is hard to stay focused on less urgent matters like generating business or becoming a better manager.  If you are someone looking to make a change, working with a coach can be the key difference between thinking about the change you want and taking the necessary actions to make the change a reality.

Business Development Coaching

Now more than ever, success in private practice requires an ability to generate business. If you want to have control over your own destiny in private practice, having your own stable of clients is the key.

I work with you to develop a marketing plan that fits with your own personality, interests and goals. I  then consult with you over time to make sure that the plan is executed and ultimately, successful.

Many clients choose to sign up for my SLC Jump Start program which generally runs from three to six months.  Other clients see the value in working with a coach for a longer period of time.  Coaching programs can be tailored to your particular needs.

I also run Group Coaching for lawyers who see a benefit in working with in an interdisciplinary group or for firms that are looking to train a group of up and coming partners and associates.

In my own business, Ihave used professional writing, blogging, social media tools like LinkedIn, direct-mail marketing, website publishing, professional speaking, event planning, public relations, volunteer activity, professional networking, e-mail newsletters and creative advertising in order to generate business leads. He works with attorneys in private practice to help them find a comfortable mix of these techniques.

Career Transitions and Career Issues

As a career coach, I help ambitious attorneys to increase their overall career satisfaction.  If you need to  better manage your time and increase your overall effectiveness, I can help.    I can coach you on how to market yourself internally to get more recognition and better work.

Some attorneys come to me after the birth of a child.   Some are concerned about a bad performance review. Still other times, attorneys contact me because they have identified areas for improvement on their own.

He often I work with attorneys who want to find a better fit within the law (either at another firm or in-house with a corporation, non-profit organization or government agency). This usually involves a period of self-assessment. For some, this is the first time in their professional lives that they decide what they really want to do (vs. what they “should be doing”).

Some of my coaching clients come to me because they want to leave the law altogether. These individuals need a range of tools and a lot of support to help them identify a new direction, come to terms with their decision and work towards reaching the new goal. Others are considering launching their own law practice but do not know where to begin.

Management Skills Coaching

In law school and other professional schools, students learn little about being a manager. For many professionals, being a new associate is the first opportunity they have to manage. Becoming a partner is the first time they have to think like a business owner. But delegating work to a secretary, paralegal or associate is a skill just like writing a legal brief or doing a financial analysis. As a result, many professionals have a limited chance to develop effective management skills even though good management skills are critical to success in a competitive marketplace.

I understands what motivates support staff to achieve their best and how poor communication can quickly breed resentment. I know how to tailor my approach in working with diverse personalities. As an attorney for Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education (MCLE), I was often placed in the position of working with law firm partners and associates with very different work styles.

If you want to accomplish more by working more effectively with your team, I can help you get there.  I am an experienced mediator and understand how to get to the source of conflict and work past it to achieve positive results.

How Our Individual and Group Coaching Works

Much of my coaching is done live, but I have also coached many clients remotely by phone or by Zoom or Skype.

Coaching begins with an initial assessment which lasts three sessions. During this time, I help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and help you to come up with a plan for making the change you desire. After the assessment, I work with you as your coach.  There are either weekly or bi-weekly phone calls or in-person meetings lasting 30 to 45 minutes. Between meetings, you have “assignments”. These assignments might initially help you to clarify your goals.

Over time, they are designed to keep you actively moving towards your goals. I encourage e-mails and phone calls between sessions (when you need additional feedback or help). Frequently, I also spend time tracking down contacts and resources for the coachee or providing comments on something you have written. There is no additional charge for these shorter interactions.

Group coaching also starts with a period of assessment and continues with weekly or bi-weekly sessions.  Steve will sometimes bring in guest speakers in group coaching to help focus on particular problems that are common to the group.

Getting Started

Please call for more information about the SLC Jump Start marketing program and other pricing information.