Off the Beaten Track at a Trade Show

LegalTech New York is history. As I have already indicated, the show was a nice antidote to our economic malaise. It was a reminder for me that getting out of the office to learn something new is a good way to recharge. It was also fun to talk with professionals who are trying to figure … Read more

Belated Thoughts on LegalTech New York

I attended LegalTech in New York this past week and despite my best intentions, I am now just getting around to posting about the show (other than posting my interview with IncisiveMedia). I was invited by to attend as a blogger who is part of the network. (By the way, I thought this … Read more

LinkedIn Mistakes

I’m still keeping an open mind about LinkedIn. I continue to accept invitations from people who contact me (including many complete strangers); but I’m not really crazy about the user interface. LinkedIn certainly has a lot of potential and I’ve already used it to connect with professionals I would never have met (e.g. an executive … Read more