The C2C Podcast Now Has 10K Downloads; But the Number I Care About is 43

This month marks the 10,000th download of the Counsel to Counsel Podcast. While I’m proud to have passed that threshold and very pleased that so many lawyers are finding it useful, the number I really care about is 43.  Since launching C2C in 2018, I have interviewed 43 guests. With each recording, I have come to appreciate the great value I receive from the guests who are willing to participate.

Podcasting is similar to other forms of marketing.  Producing a podcast is a great way to highlight your expertise and to differentiate yourself in the marketplace. I have certainly gotten clients who have listened to episodes of C2C. Some of these are individuals who I already knew; but others are individuals I might never have reached.

For me, however, the greatest value in producing podcasts is that I get to learn something from the guests that I choose to interview. I choose topics that I want to learn about, and the person I interview gives me a tutorial.

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What a Deadly Virus Teaches Us About Business Development

Since the start of the year, we’ve learned a lot from COVID-19 about how disease spreads.  While it is hard to see beyond the toll  that the pandemic is taking on our health and on our economy, I’ve been looking for the silver linings and the lessons we can learn.  In the future, I’ll look back nostalgically on this time and remember the months I was able to have dinners with my three adult children who are all living with us.

I’ve also realized that the coronavirus has something to teach us about business development and the importance of building a network.  In the case of the coronavirus, building that network is clearly a bad thing.  In the case of business development, building a network is essential for success.

While COVID-19 spreads from individual to individual, we know that it can spread more quickly when groups of people come together; and it can spread exponentially faster when large groups of people are congregated indoors and near each other.

So how is this relevant to business development and business relationship building? The short answer is that it is better to know more people than fewer people.  Your referrals will grow more quickly if you know more people and if you deepen your relationship with those people. 

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Zoom is a Great Tool for Relationship Building–But Use it “Right”

Zoom works well when you are trying to connect with just a few contacts. We may be physically distant, but we don’t need to be socially distant. If you are going to use it for larger gatherings, make sure your meeting is structured and moderated.

I am using Zoom a lot to check in with clients and other people I know and see how they are doing. But I’m presenting a webinar to the New Associates Forum of the Boston Bar Association webinar in a couple of weeks on Building Business Relationships in a Time of Social Distancing. I’m hoping to do at least one “breakout session” so attendees can actually speak with each other.

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7 Career Management Tips-Special COVID Edition of the C2C Podcast

My tips for managing your career during the COVID-19 crisis.  A special edition of the Counsel to Counsel Podcast. Click here or listen wherever you get your podcasts.  If you are feeling isolated or if you just want a sounding board, I also invite you to set up a time for an informal consult by Zoom.  I’m always happy to speak to lawyers about their marketing or their efforts to build a practice.

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How About Adding a Podcast to Your Legal Marketing Toolkit?

In the latest episode of Counsel to Counsel, I speak with Jared Correia, one of the pioneers in legal podcasting.  Jared was a huge mentor to me when I was launching the Counsel to Counsel podcast back in 2018 and I’m very pleased to welcome such a seasoned veteran.

As of 2019, over half the US population had listened to at least one podcast. In 2019 over 100 million people listened to at least one podcast every week. There are over 700,000 active podcasts and 29 million podcast episodes available.

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Starbucks Sells More than Coffee-Redux

Almost a decade ago, I drafted a blog post entitled Starbucks Sells More than Coffee.  For a number of reasons, this has been one of the most popular posts on my blog.  For starters it doesn’t hurt to use a strong brand name like Starbucks in your marketing.  But clearly, something I wrote in that post has resonated and stood the test of time.

Almost 10 years has passed, and the world has only gotten more complicated. We have so many more channels available for communicating with the public and with our networks.  It is harder than ever to get people’s attention and cut through the “noise” of social media. It is with this in mind that I am referring back to this post and adding some additional commentary.

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Defining Your Target is the First Step in Effective Marketing

Marketing is more art then science but one thing is for sure, if you take the time to define your niche, you will have a lot more success in generating referrals.  I always tell my coaching clients to think of legal marketing as if you were aiming at a dart board.  The bullseye is your ideal client and the work you like to do for that client.

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What Does it Take to Generate Legal Work?

I had a “troika” the other day with Frank Rudewicz of the accounting firm Blum Shapiro and Steven Konowitz of the Law Firm Konowitz and Greenberg. Troikas, for the uninitiated, are a gathering of three Provisors members. They are set up in order to help members get to know each other and they serve as a nice complement to the monthly meetings you have with your Provisors home group (or affinity group– or group where you have served as a guest).

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With LinkedIn, Measure Quality of Engagement not Quantity

provisorslipostLike most people who share content on LinkedIn, whenever I post something, I start to focus on how many views the post has had.  It is a fun way to see if my messaging is having any impact and in a small way, it is a measurement of whether my marketing is working.  I do the same when I send out newsletters.

Anyone who posts on Facebook or Instagram knows the feeling.  You get a little rush of dopamine when you see the “likes” adding up.  But focusing on the quantity of views on LinkedIn may not be a very good measure of how much impact you are having with your target audience.

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