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Nailing the Job Interview

Date March 19, 2018 Comment Comments Off on Nailing the Job Interview

My colleague Amy Levine has some great tips for nailing your next job interview. In the program notes, I also mention my own interviewing tips which can be found here.

Episode 2-In-House With Walt Pollard

Date February 12, 2018 Comment Comments Off on Episode 2-In-House With Walt Pollard

Thinking about leaving private practice and going in-house?  In this episode of the Counsel to Counsel Podcast, I interview Walt Pollard, Associate General Counsel of Brown Brothers Harriman. Walt offers some great insights about what it takes to be successful in a corporate law department and how to get there.

A Career Audit for Law Firm Associates

Date December 12, 2017 Comment Comments Off on A Career Audit for Law Firm Associates

A Career Audit for Law Firm Associates

38aa58f1-d33c-4d64-9467-806b573db29bLanding a job as an associate in a good law firm was the goal during law school. For those who have achieved this goal, the next step seems much less clear. Do you want to continue on the path to partnership where you are? Are there some things you want to change about your situation? Is it time to start shopping for a new home? Take this audit to help you take stock in your current job. It is not meant to be a substitute for talking to a professional about your career. But it may help you start thinking about the next steps in your career.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Date November 11, 2017 Comment Comments Off on Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Should I Stay? Should I Go? signpost drawn on a blackboard

I make my living by convincing lawyers to consider new career opportunities.  Join Smith & Jones and increase your partnership potential.  Make a lateral move and get the chance to work with cutting edge biotechnology clients.  Change firms and become a bigger fish in a smaller pond.  Get away from unpredictable hours.

While making a lateral move can certainly address core career concerns and help increase career satisfaction, a lateral move is not always the best option.  At the very least, if you are thinking that the grass may be greener somewhere else, it is worth taking the time to look critically at your current job. Are there things you can change about your present situation that will help you increase your career happiness? Read more…

Documenting Your Networking

Date October 11, 2017 Comment Comments Off on Documenting Your Networking

Documenting Your Networking

business-cardWhile social media has become an important tool in building business and personal relationships, nothing can substitute for the bonds that are created through in person interactions.  Going to networking functions is still important whether you are looking for a new job or trying to build your law practice.  But how do you make the most of your interactions at a networking meeting?  What should you do with the business card that someone hands you?

Read more…

Lateral hiring on the rebound in Chicago and Midwest.

Using Stories to Sell Yourself

Date October 31, 2008 Comment Comments Off on Using Stories to Sell Yourself

BCG’s CEO talks about the importance of using stories to sell yourself in a job interview. He explains how the technique is used effectively in selling rugs in Turkey.

Getting the Cold Shoulder

Date October 23, 2008 Comment Comments Off on Getting the Cold Shoulder

That and other tell-tale signs that you may want to start fine tuning your resume.

Survey on Job Interviewing Etiquette

Date April 23, 2008 Comment Comments Off on Survey on Job Interviewing Etiquette

Vault has some interesting findings. Sounds like everyone should send thank you notes by e-mail.

Listening is More Powerful than Talking

Date March 19, 2008 Comment Comments Off on Listening is More Powerful than Talking

A reader weighs in on my latest article on telling the truth in an interview. He suggests that the problem for many lawyers is that they are too concerned with their own technical qualifications when they are in an interview situation. He suggests that the key to success in any business interaction (job interview, meeting prospective clients or referral sources, etc.) is to use your listening skills:

I read your article and agree with it. My experience is more like yours so what you posit seems very common sense to me. However a lot of client service professionals, such as lawyers, accountants, and consultants, seem to fall into some of these traps.

They are so concerned about technical qualifications and problem solving and putting them out there that they neglect to think how others will receive them, i.e., not putting themselves in the position of their audience. Another way of discussing this is their failure to listen.

I see this in how they write their resumes and come across in conversation. They should communicate about the value they bring and the objectives they’ve accomplished in terms of who they are speaking to or to whom they are mailing their resume. Instead they do an information dump of sorts and hope something sticks. When interviewing people should align their accomplishments and skill to the objectives of the interviewer’s organization. Amplify the strengths that fit, acknowledge your weaknesses and set them aside.

The quickest way to partnership is to bring in business, and to bring in business you need a network, and to have a network you have to get outside your protective bubble. Yet I observe deep seated resistance to this and I find it amazing–an overall lack of willingness to network or prospect and get “the big picture.” I’m sure there are a myriad of reasons for their reluctance but I still don’t get it especially since the vast majority of successful people maintain these skills.