Is Your Career Like a Canoe Trip or Whitewater Rafting?

Family white water rafting Clear Creek Idago Springs, Colorado August 10, 2016Is your legal career like a canoe ride across a lake or like a whitewater rafting trip? In my latest podcast, I speak with Jose Sierra a partner at Holland and Knight who has done it all (Clerked in 5th Circuit, served as an Assistant U.S. Attorney, served as senior vice president and chief ethics and compliance officer for two pharmaceutical companies, and worked at small, mid-sized and large law firms).

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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Should I Stay? Should I Go? signpost drawn on a blackboard

I make my living by convincing lawyers to consider new career opportunities.  Join Smith & Jones and increase your partnership potential.  Make a lateral move and get the chance to work with cutting edge biotechnology clients.  Change firms and become a bigger fish in a smaller pond.  Get away from unpredictable hours.

While making a lateral move can certainly address core career concerns and help increase career satisfaction, a lateral move is not always the best option.  At the very least, if you are thinking that the grass may be greener somewhere else, it is worth taking the time to look critically at your current job. Are there things you can change about your present situation that will help you increase your career happiness?

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“Danger, Will Robinson!”–Baby Boomers About To Retire En Masse

I mentioned in an earlier blog the huge opportunities and challenges facing law firms with the impending baby boomer exodus from the leadership ranks. I thought I would expand on that theme here. That’s right, you heard me–the long-standing complaint among senior associates and junior partners that they have no role in leading firms is … Read more

“Sitzkrieg”–Why Lawyers Will Weather the Impending “Recession”

Immediately following the declaration of war against Hitler’s Germany in 1939, the uneasy populations of the allied nations went about their daily business; their lives as yet unchanged. In a gallows-humor attempt to explain this sudden onset, of, well, nothing particularly unusual, some cheeky Brit came up with the term “sitzkrieg”—the “sitting war” in contrast … Read more