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Marketing Lessons From Politics

Date June 5, 2019 Comment Comments Off on Marketing Lessons From Politics

Marketing Lessons From Politics

valerie-jarrettI recently listened to a great episode of my favorite podcast, Stay Tuned With Preet  (see May 16-D.C. Dramas & Advising Obamas).  Anyone who knows me knows I am a huge fan of Preet Bharara, a rational voice who provides insightful commentary on the law, politics and the Trump administration.

In this episode, Preet interviews Valerie Jarrett a former senior advisor to President Obama. She has just released a memoir called Finding My Voice: My Journey to the West Wing and the Path Forward and she is on the book tour.  While she spoke a lot about Chicago politics, Barack Obama’s rise and her own career from biglaw to public service, a lot of what she had to say is relevant to legal marketing.  Here are some of my takeaways from the interview: Read more…

30 Second Media Training for Podcast Guests

Date May 20, 2019 Comment Comments Off on 30 Second Media Training for Podcast Guests

30 Second Media Training for Podcast Guests

If you are invited to be a guest on a podcast:


  • Limit your use of words or verbal fillers on this list.
  • Avoid using combinations of these words.
  • Understand that podcasts are not live and can be edited after the fact.
  • If you feel compelled to say one of these words while pausing to think, try breathing instead.

Persistence in the Age of Email Marketing

Date January 9, 2017 Comment Comments Off on Persistence in the Age of Email Marketing

Persistence in the Age of Email Marketing

3D render of a man pushing a rock up mountainIf marketing is important to your professional success, then you know the drill.  Other professionals are hard to reach.  You want to connect with potential referral sources.  You want to build your relationships with current and past clients.  You know how important it is to take the time to have coffee with individuals in your network.  But if you are like me, you also know that no one answers their phone and email messages often go unanswered.  Read more…

What’s Your Story?

Date December 8, 2016 Comment Comments Off on What’s Your Story?

What’s Your Story?

Good marketing involves good story telling.  This is true whether you are marketing yourself as a candidate for a new job, marketing your company to a prospective hire or marketing yourself as a professional looking to generate new business.

Telling a “good” story is not always easy for analytical professionals.   Lawyers, for example, are accustomed to “documenting” and being  “thorough”.   But good storytelling is not about being thorough.  If you want to craft a good story, one that will make your point and one that will be memorable, it is important to be selective.  Give the details which make your point.  Avoid the facts which dilute or potentially contradict the message.  It’s okay to be selective as long as you don’t distort the truth. Read more…

Use BCC Sparingly

Date April 1, 2010 Comment Comments Off on Use BCC Sparingly

“BCC” is a useful e-mail tool. When you want to make sure that a group of individuals is kept in the loop about an event, a meeting, or a piece of information “bcc” is a way to get out your message without everyone having to see a long list of recipients. And sometimes, it is useful when you don’t want the recipients to know who else is on the list.

But “bcc” has a time and a place. For example, if you are using e-mail as a way to elicit feedback on something, a personally addressed e-mail to each individual is much more likely to get results. Using “bcc” is a way for every recipient to think that someone else might have more valuable contributions to make.

Similarly, if you are using e-mail as a relationship building tool, personally addressed e-mail messages (which are customized), are much more effective. They are much more likely to be read and they are much more likely to demonstrate to the reader that you were actually thinking of them.

Obviously, the trade off is time (though there are some very good e-mail services which enable you to customize e-mails that you send out–e.g. I use Vertical Response and I’ve heard good things about Constant Contact). But if you are trying to impress a general counsel with the fact that you are thinking about them, sending them an article that is directly relevant to what they do is much more effective than sending out a blast e-mail to everyone on your list.