A New Year, A New Decade, A New Chapter!

My mother-in-law once said to me “life stage is a compelling force“.  As we enter 2020, I now have two children out of college and one well on her way.  I have therefore decided that this is a great time to leave Marc Z Legal and return full-time to Seckler Legal Recruiting and Coaching.

As I have done for over 20 years, I will continue to focus on recruiting partners, associates and in-house counsel for law firms, life sciences and technology companies.  I will also continue to coach a broad cross section of the bar on marketing and career issues.

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How Coaching Can Advance Your Career Success and Happiness

How can coaching help attorneys find more career success and happiness? Ask Beth J. Masterman of Masterman Executive Coaching! I interview Beth in the latest episode of the Counsel to Counsel podcast (find it wherever you listen to podcasts or visit the podcast homepage) Beth provides a great overview of what coaching is, how it works, what issues are suitable for coaching, how to find a coach, etc.  I recently reconnected with Beth at Provisors , a great business networking group I joined this past Spring and she has been very generous in helping me rethink my own coaching practice. No surprise that she was named Number One Executive Coach by Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly. legalcareers executivecoaching lawyers

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A Plug…for Me

In general, I don’t think it is a good idea to use a blog to sell your services (at least not overtly). If you blog regularly and provide good content, readers will see that you are knowledgeable about your subject area and that you are ready, willing and able to share your wisdom. Self promotion … Read more