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Edward Angell Palmer & Dodge

Date October 3, 2005 Comment Comments Off on Edward Angell Palmer & Dodge

Another big merger is underway in the Boston legal community. Is the mid-sized firm showing further signs of weakening?

From Law.Com: “Edwards & Angell is joining forces with Palmer & Dodge, another New England law firm known for strengths in intellectual property and finance. The two firms set a Nov. 1 target date to complete their proposed deal. The newly combined firm, which will be called Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge, will have 520 attorneys and nine offices in the United States, with 55 percent of its lawyers operating out of Boston.”

Even if there will now be two fewer firms in this middle space, it seems that rumors of the death of the mid-sized firm are quite exagerated. In Boston alone, several firms with 100+ lawyers are still having very profitable years. The AmLaw 200 still lists several firms that operate principally in New England.

Tips for delegating

Date October 3, 2005 Comment Comments Off on Tips for delegating

Ellen Ostrow, a career consultant in D.C. who does a lot of work with lawyers, publishes a career newsletter that is very good. You can read her archive on her website and subscribe for free for future issues. The latest issue has a very good article on delegating.

I didn’t see the newsletter on delegating in her archives, yet, but I’m sure she would be happy to send it to you if you subscribe to her newsletter.

Career Audit Tool

Date October 3, 2005 Comment Comments Off on Career Audit Tool

I recently published a career audit tool for law firm associates. You can link to this tool on the Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly website. It is an exercise for any associate who wants to think more critically about their experience at their law firm.

For partners who are interested, I have also created a similar tool. Just send me an e-mail message and I will forward it to you.

Another Branch Office in Boston

Date September 26, 2005 Comment Comments Off on Another Branch Office in Boston

Preti Flaherty Beliveau Pachios & Halley has come to Boston. This is the second time in a year that a Maine law firm has opened in the Boston market. Their business strategy sounds similar to that of a number of other mid-sized firms (mainly NH firms) who have come into Boston. The plan is to offer clients lower billing rates for work done in other offices.

Could the salary wars be starting again? In Silicon Valley that seems to be the case. My prediction: within 6 months, Boston firms will follow suit.