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Attorney Coaching

Coaching has become a popular way to help professionals achieve top performance. According to the Wall Street Journal, there is an increasing trend in top corporations towards hiring external coaches to work with senior level executives. Law firms are also beginning to recognize the value of hiring coaches to work with attorneys who have great legal skills but need to develop their marketing and practice management skills. Similarly, individual attorneys who want to work more effectively, develop more business or find better work/life balance are turning to coaches as well.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a service that helps executives and professionals achieve higher levels of performance. The theory behind coaching is simple. While a personal trainer might help an individual develop and follow a fitness plan, a professional coach can help an attorney clarify professional goals and create an action plan for reaching these goals. A professional coach then works with the professional to ensure that these goals are reached.

A coach is a sounding board, a reality check and a mentor. A coach provides support, validation and resources. A coach holds you accountable and helps you move past roadblocks. An effective coach provides a highly customized service which takes into account your specific goals and your particular strengths and weaknesses.

To best understand what coaching is, it is useful to review some examples of how coaching works. Please click here.  For a lengthier article on coaching that I co-authored for the American Bar Association, click here.  For a podcast on coaching, click here.

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